If  training that is interactive, fun and filled with cutting edge information matters to you, then Erika and Joan are speakers you want for your upcoming event – whether it is a small meeting or a large conference.  To book Erika and / or Joan for your next event, the information below helps us better serve you. We are eager to talk with you about your audience and meeting or conference goals. Let us help you create an event that meets the needs of your audience and lets you shine too!

Speaking and Media Appearance Inquiries:

Popular topics include:

  • Mean Girls, Meaner Women
  • Mother – Daughter Relationships
  • Femininity, Competition & Leadership: A New Model for Women in the Workplace
  • Cyberbullying: Creating New Rules for Our Digital Playground

To book a speaking event with Dr. Erika Holiday, please directly email michael@celebritylectureagency.com. To book a speaking event with Dr. Joan Rosenberg, please email dr.jrosenberg@gmail.com.  For media appearances with Dr. Holiday, please contact 818-512-4093, and for media appearances with Dr. Rosenberg, please call 310-876-2324. Or, please feel free to contact us by filling out the form below.

Many thanks.  We look forward to talking with you soon!

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